A hardscape is a non-living decorative area that exists around your landscape. Typically, material like brick and stone are used to build fireplaces, walkways, and more!

Increase Property Value

If you have ever been to an ‘Outdoor Show’ or even if you have driven through brand new development in your area, you have probably seen some of the finest and most beautiful landscaping or custom outdoor living spaces around today.

Many newly constructed homes are being built with the backyard look in mind. The use of an outside living space brings the indoors – outside – and can be an asset when a home goes on the market.

Most people do not really think about it, at first, but when you sit down and consider all the possibilities of which you can do to make your outdoor living area unique and relaxing, the sky is pretty much the limit! 

Hardscape Ideas

One of the most common types of landscaping is the use of hardscapes throughout the outdoor design. The ideas that designers bring forth today incorporate some of the most breathtaking designs, which can really add to the actual square footage of living space to your home.

What comes to mind when you think of a hardscape? Hardscaping can be any variety of things. It can be anything from an outdoor fire pit to even a beautiful grotto in your backyard. Hardscape designs are also a great way to add to the overall look of your home by increasing the size of flower bed walls, creating winding sidewalks or grand entryways into driveways and even neighborhood entrance signs.
Fire pits are a very popular form of a hardscape. They are easy to construct and require very little maintenance once they are built. Retaining walls can also be built up around fire pits to create seating and give the outdoor fire pit area a finished look.

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